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12/09/2018Andrew Smith 1 Corinthians #37

Chapter 15B - The Resurrection for the Dead
Download 12-9_1_Corinthians_37_-_Andrew_-_Ch15B.mp3
12/05/2018Brent Forsyth 1 Corinthians #36

Chapter 12E - More Function of the Body
Download 12-5_1_Corinthians_36_-_Ch_12E_-_The_Function_of_the_Body.mp3
12/02/2018Brent Forsyth 1 Corinthians #35

Chapter 12D - The Unity and Working of the Body
Download 12-2_-_1_Corinthians_35_-_Ch12d.mp3
11/28/2018Brent Forsyth 1 Corinthians #34

Ch 12c - The Difference Between the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts
Download 11-28_-_1_Corinthians_34_-_Ch_12c_-_The_Difference_Between_Baptism_of_Spirit_and_Spiritual_Gifts.mp3
11/25/2018Andrew Smith 1 Corinthians #33

Ch 15 - The Resurrection
Download 11-25_-_1_Corinthians_33_-_Ch_15a_-_Andrew_Smith.mp3
11/21/2018Brent Forsyth 1 Corinthians #32

What are Spiritual Gifts?
Download 11-21_-_1_Corinthians_32_-_Ch_12b_-_What_are_Spiritual_Gifts.mp3

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