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10/18/2020Brent Forsyth The God of All Comfort

In Matt 11:25-30, Jesus Invites Us to Have Spiritual Comfort. In This Lesson We Ask If God Can Help Us With Our Physical Troubles and How.
Download 10-18- The God of All Comfort.mp3
10/11/2020Brent Forsyth Matt 11:25-30 - A Different Kind of Comfort

This Passage is Often Taught That When You Come to Jesus He Will Make Life Easy on You. Let's Take a Look at What Jesus' Light and Easy Yoke Really Looks Like.
Download 10-11- A Different Kind of Comfort - Matt 11 25-30.mp3
10/04/2020Brent Forsyth The Word Implanted

To Successfully Live Godly We Must Not Only Read God's Word But Implant His Word in Our Hearts and Lives. How?
Download 10-4- The Word Impanted.mp3
09/27/2020Brent Forsyth The Origins of Life - Lesson 4

The Myth - If Science Can't Prove God Then Science Has Disproven God. Looking at the Idea that Science is the Only Evidence.
Download 9-27 - The Origins of Life - Lesson 4 - Science is All There Is.mp3
09/20/2020Brent Forsyth Don't Be Anxious - Really?

Does God Really Expect Us to Not be Anxious? Are There Things God Wants Us to Worry About?
Download 9-20- Dont Be Anxious - Really.mp3
09/13/2020Brent Forsyth Are We Being Punished? Is Covid-19 a Judgment From God for Sin?

Does God Punish Us Today Like He Did in the Bible - Directly? Do Bad Things Happen to Good People Because of Sin?
Download 9-13 - Are We Being Punished - Is Covid 19 a Punishment for Sin.mp3

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