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09/16/2018Brent Forsyth The Life of David #19

David and Bathsheba - David's Great Sins
Download 9-16_-_The_Life_of_David_-_David_and_Bathsheba.mp3
09/16/2018Brent Forsyth It Is Better to go to the House of Mourning - Eccl 7:1-4

God Has a Purpose for a Funeral
Download 9-16_-_The_House_of_Mourning_Has_a_Purpose.mp3
09/09/2018Brent Forsyth The False Teaching Called GOD IS LOVE

Looking How Many Create Their Own god and Call Him Yahweh
Download The_False_Teaching_That_God_is_Love.mp3
09/02/2018Brent Forsyth The History of Worship 11

The 2nd Shadow of Future Worship - MORIAH
Download 9-2_-_The_History_of_Worship_11_-_The_Second_Shadow_of_Future_Worship_-_Moriah.mp3
09/02/2018Brent Forsyth The Priesthood of God

Zadok and Jehoiada
Download 9-2_-_The_Priesthood_of_God_-_Zadok_and_Jehoiada.mp3
08/26/2018Brent Forsyth The History of Worship 10

The 1st Shadow of Future Worship - Melchizedek
Download 8-26-_History_of_Worship_10_-_The_First_Shadow.mp3

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