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02/10/2019Mike Prince They Mystery of Jesus

Looking at 3 Events of Jesus' Life
Download 2-10_-_Mike_Prince_-_The_Mystery_of_Jesus_Christ.mp3
02/03/2019Brent Forsyth The Rich Fool - Luke 12:13ff

Another Look at a Popular Parable
Download 2-3_-_Luke_12_13_-_The_Rich_Fool.mp3
02/03/2019Brent Forsyth The Tree Has Withered - The Judge of the Nation

Jesus Curses and Withers the Fig Tree - Mk 11:11ff
Download The_Tree_Has_Withered_-_The_Judge_of_the_Nation.mp3
01/27/2019Brent Forsyth Christian Parenting #1

Who Is Influencing Your Children?
Download 1-27_-_Christian_Parenting_1_-_Who_Is_Influencing_Your_Children.mp3
01/27/2019Brent Forsyth The History of Worship - The Pattern of Idolatry

Pagan Evidence For the Godhead and the Holy Spirit
Download 1-27_-_The_History_of_Worship_-_Tracing_Pagan_History_Back_to_the_Godhead_and_the_Holy_Spirit.mp3
01/20/2019Brent Forsyth The Priesthood of God - Good and Bad

Azariah and Uzziah
Download 1-20_-_The_Priesthood_of_God_Good_and_Bad_-_Azariah.mp3

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