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05/03/2020Brent Forsyth Spiritual First Responders

Knowing That They are There and Be Thankful That They Are.
Download 5-3 - Spiritual First Responders.mp3
04/26/2020Brent Forsyth The Big Fence of Christianity

Fundamentalism Versus Emotionalism
Download 4-26 - The Big Fence of Christianity - Fundalmentalism vs Emotionalism.mp3
04/12/2020Brent Forsyth The Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Amazing Parts of This Event of All Events
Download 4-12 - The Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Amazing Parts of HIs Resurrection.mp3
04/05/2020Brent Forsyth A Biblical Pandemic - Leprosy

Lessons Learned From a Parallel to Our Own Pandemic - Leprosy and Jesus
Download 4-5 - A Biblical Pandemic - Leprosy.mp3
03/29/2020Brent Forsyth Living Life at the Cross #2

Philippians 3 - Past, Present, and Future
Download 3-29 - Living Life at the Cross 2 - Phil 3.mp3
03/22/2020Brent Forsyth The Real Virus - Sin

What We Can Learn from the Current Corona Virus Scare
Download 3-22 - The Real Virus.mp3

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