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01/12/2020Brent Forsyth Restoration Christianity 5 - How to Obey God Using the Bible

Using an Approach From Everyday Life
Download 1-12 - Restoration Christianity 5 - How to Obey God Using the Bible - Gen 2 15-17.mp3
12/29/2019 Acts 19 - The Silversmith's Riot

The Evidence for God is Solid and Concrete. What Does That Do To My Faith?
Download 12-29 - The Silversmiths Riot - Acts 19.mp3
12/29/2019Brent Forsyth Jesus' Purpose

Five Reasons You Need to Understand Why Jesus Came
Download 12-29 - Jesus' Purpose - 5 Reasons Jesus Came.mp3
12/22/2019Brent Forsyth Judas - The Price of Wickedness

Judas' price of wickedness was a field. Do you have a price of wickedness? You might be shocked.
Download 12-22 - Judas - The Price of Wickedness.mp3
12/22/2019Brent Forsyth Luke 4 - Homecoming

Jesus is Rejected at Home
Download 12-22 - Luke 4 - Homecoming- Jesus Rejected at Home.mp3
12/15/2019Brent Forsyth Consider

The Evidence for God and His Creation from the Complexity of Animals
Download 12-15 - Consider - Considering the Evidence of Animals and Their Complexity.mp3

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